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Dermasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (DTAR)

The Tunku Abdul Rahman Foundation (Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman) is a non-profit public foundation incorporated by an Act of Parliament in 1966. The director of Yayasan Tunku Abdul Rahman is Minister of Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE). The primary aim of the foundation is to recognize and encourage the development of youths who show excellence in both academic and extra-curricular pursuits through the provision of scholarships for higher education.

*All application must be made through Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (Timbalan Naib Canselor Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni) university.

Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (BTAR)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarship is open for those who have strong leadership and sound academic performance.
  • Application is open in March every year.
Bantuan Pelajaran Tunku Abdul Rahman (BPTAR)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Education Aids is open for those undergraduates from poor family.
  • Application is open in September every year.
Dermasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (DTAR)
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Donation is open for those excellent local public university (IPTA) fresh graduates who come from poor family.
  • The donation aids is in the form of payback to PTPTN study loan.
  • Application is open throughout the year.
Closing Date
30 September 2011 for Dermasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (DTAR)

Requirements for Dermasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman (DTAR)
  • Malaysian
  • Finish degree study between 1 October 2010 and 30 September 2011 (You do not need to wait for convocation to apply. Exam results and complete transcript are sufficient)
  • Come from poor family background
  • PNGK / CGPA 3.50 or higher
  • Strong leadership quality and actively participation in co-curricular activities

How to apply
  • Download the application form, fill up the form and submit the completed form to Deputy Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs (Timbalan Naib Canselor Hal Ehwal Pelajar dan Alumni).
  • Only those shortlisted will be contacted.
  • Those not being contacted after three months of the closing date are considered not successful.

Pre-University, Undergraduate & Postgraduate Scholarship Offers

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