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CIMB Regional Scholarships

CIMB Group Regional Scholarships

Closing Date
8 July 2012

CIMB Regional Scholarship Eligibility and Scholarship Coverage

To apply for the CIMB Regional Scholarship, you must:
  • Be a citizen of any ASEAN country. 
  • Have gained unconditional acceptance at a top graduate school to pursue a postgraduate degree programme in genetics or nutrition. The offer must remain valid when the CIMB Regional Scholarship is awarded.
  • Hold a Bachelor's Degree with minimum CGPA of 3.00/4.00 or equivalent (for Master's Degree applicants), or a Master's Degree with a good examiner's report or equivalent (for Doctoral Degree applicants) that is relevant to the course or field applied.
  • Not hold any other scholarships, awards or grants that come with any contractual obligation on your part.
Relevant work experience, where applicable, is an added advantage.

The CIMB Regional Scholarship is a full scholarship award covering all academic fees including registration, tuition and examination fees, a book allowance, as well as other expenses such as accommodation, airfare, travel documents and other related expenses.

Fields of Study
DNA is the hereditary molecule that is found in all living cells. It is the simplest building block of life that is responsible for the observable diversity across and between all species. Ever since the double helix was discovered by Watson and Crick, research into genetics has increased exponentially. The implications of genetic research have been paramount to advances in many fields such as medicine and agriculture.

If your passion lies in the following areas, we would like to support you in the quest for another breakthrough in the area of genetic research.
  • Genomics 
  • Ecological Genetics / Conservation Genetics 
  • Behavioural Genetics / Psychiatric Genetics 
  • Genetic Engineering 
  • Genetic Medicine / Clinical Genetics
In terms of nutritional science, studies on the responses of the human body to diet and nutrients are essential for the continued well-being of ASEAN communities. This is particularly important in combating malnutrition, obesity and other health issues. In addition, given the significance of agriculture to the region’s economy and food self-sufficiency, plant nutrition and animal nutrition in relation to livestock are also key areas of research.

If you are passionate about making a difference through the following areas of nutrition, we would like to bring you a step closer towards realising your dreams:
  • Human Nutrition
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Plant Nutrition
How to Apply

  1. Download the application form and complete all sections of it. 
  2. Email the completed form to before the closing date, 8 July 2012. 

Important information regarding submission of your application 

  1. We do not allow the application form to be modified in any manner. Application forms which are modified will not be accepted.
  2. Do not attach any documents to the email other than the completed application form. We do not require certifications, commendation letters or other documents at this stage.
  3. Please submit your application only once. 
  4. Please browse through the sample completed application form before you submit your application.

Selection Process

The assessment process comprises three stages as follows:
Stage 1
We screen all applicants to ensure that they meet all eligibility criteria, and will shortlist applicants based on the following pre-selection criteria:

  • Academic or career and other relevant achievements 
  • Proposed postgraduate programme and whether the knowledge gained will significantly benefit the ASEAN region 
  • Proposed graduate school and whether it is one of the top graduate schools in the world for the field of study 
  • Applicant's personal statement on contribution to the ASEAN region after completion of studies

The above list is not exhaustive and CIMB Group reserves the right to amend the criteria from time to time.

Stage 2
Applicants will go through several online assessments.

Stage 3
Applicants will be interviewed by a panel of interviewers.

Important information regarding the selection process: 
We will notify only shortlisted candidates for Stages 2 and 3. To facilitate the notification process, applicants must ensure that all contact details provided in the application form are accurate and updated. If you are shortlisted, we will get in touch with you via email. Therefore, please check your email from time to time.

Selection Criteria

We will select candidates for the CIMB Regional Scholarship based primarily on the following criteria:

  • A track record of outstanding achievements that are relevant to the proposed field of study
  • Demonstrate the potential to contribute significantly to the region through the proposed field of study
  • Active involvement in extra-curricular activities
  • Leadership qualities, interpersonal skills, energy levels and other personal attributes 

The list of criteria is not exhaustive and CIMB Group reserves the right to amend the criteria from time to time.


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