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KUOK Foundation Malaysian Public Polytechnics Diploma Study Grant Awards

Scholarship Application Closing Date: 19 December 2017 KUOK FOUNDATION BHD DIPLOMA AWARDS 2018 MALAYSIAN PUBLIC POLYTECHNICS KUOK FOUNDATION BERHAD invites applications from students at Malaysian Public Polytechnics for the above awards. Study grants of RM6,000 per annum each will be offered to successful candidates. Scholarship Award Requirements Applicants must be Malaysian Citizens. Applicants must have - at least 4 SPM credits in any of the following subjects : Bahasa Malaysia, English, Mathematics, Science or one subject relevant to the course OR an overall grade of at least 3.0 and above in their latest Polytechnic results. Kuok Foundation Awards are for needy students only. Applicants must not be in  receipt  of any scholarship such as JPA scholarship,  etc. at the time of application. How to Apply. (Please read the instructions carefully) Apply online through the Foundation’s Online Application System. Submit online application latest by 19 Decemb