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Bantuan Pelajaran Tunku Abdul Rahman (BPTAR) Education Assistance

Closing Date
30 September 2014 (Application opens from 1 September 2014)

Bantuan Pelajaran Tunku Abdul Rahman (BPTAR) Education Assistance
BPTAR is devoted to a poor family background of students to meet the cost of living for two (2) semesters of full-time while pursuing a degree in Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA).

Application Requirements
    (I) Malaysian
    (II) A student enrolled full-time in any Bachelor Degree in public
    (III) poor family background.
    (IV) the Borrower National Higher Education Fund Corporation are also eligible.

Rates and Payment Assistance
    The amount of aid and the number of recipients will be determined by the Board of Trustees YTAR and channeled through the office of Student Affairs public.

Family Income Verification
    Information regarding the applicant's family income must be verified by were donated (or equivalent) or the Head of Department (Employer parent / guardian) who really get to know your family.

  •     Click HERE to download the Application Form Education Assistance Tunku Abdul Rahman. All applications must be submitted to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Student Affairs) universities.
  •     Date application is opened: September 1, 2014
  •     Date of application: 30 September 2014
  •     Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted. Applicants who are not contacted by the university Student Affairs after 3 months from the closing date considered unsuccessful.
    (Download a PDF version of the form)