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IGB International School IB Diploma Programme Scholarships

  IGB International School IB Diploma Programme Scholarships
Closing Date
1 February 2015

IGB International School IB Diploma Programme Scholarships
Full and partial scholarships are offered by IGBIS to prospective students for study at Grade 11 and 12 for the highly prestigious International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme .

Application Criteria

  •     Strong academic ability
  •     Excellent academic proficiency in English
  •     Strength in one or more areas of the arts, technology, humanities, mathematics, science, languages or sports
  •     Readiness to undertake service learning contributing to the school and local community
  •     An assurance from parents that their child has adequate family support to ensure their success at IGBIS.

Required Documentation
Students who wish to apply for an IGBIS IB Diploma Programme Scholarship for 2015-2017 are requested to submit the following documents by February 1, 2015.

1. A letter of application written by the student detailing:

  •     Why he/she is applying for a scholarship at IGBIS for the IB Diploma Programme
  •     A description of his/her strengths
  •     Why he/she thinks he/she should be chosen
  •     What he/she can contribute to IGBIS
  •     How he/she demonstrates attributes of the IB Learner Profile.

2. Completed IGBIS application and medical forms with all required supporting documentation. Online student admission and medical forms can be found under the Admissions tab of the IGBIS website.

3. Written references from three people, at least two of whom are professionals who have worked with the student and can attest to his/her ability in the following areas:

  •     Academic ability within the school curriculum
  •     Involvement in other aspects of school life
  •     The student’s independence, responsibility, perseverance, and approach to learning
  •     Characteristics of the student that define them as a model student.

4. Details of three referees who may be contacted for information about the student’s suitability for a scholarship. These may be the same people outlined above.

5. A letter from the student’s parents outlining how they can support the student should they be successful in gaining a scholarship to attend IGBIS.

6. Any other documentation that may support the student’s application.

Assistance with the application process and further information regarding the scholarships can be obtained by contacting the Admissions Office at [email protected] or by phone: +(60)3 6145 4688.

A scholarship committee will review applications, short-list candidates, and interview and select students, with scholarship grants due to be announced by March 1, 2015.