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Hong Leong ROAR Education Development Programme

Hong Leong ROAR Education Development Programme
Closing Date
10 May 2014

Hong Leong ROAR Education Development Programme
This is a unique, one-of-a-kind program suited to the needs of students with a SPM score of 3As and higher. This program will help these students and their families break the cycle of poverty. ROAR stands for 'Reach Out and Rise', which is what we hope our first batch of scholars will do when given a safe, positive living space and an intensive enrichment program. Our goal is for them to earn a degree while becoming outstanding, skillful and socially-conscious members of society.

The most important element of ROAR is the intensive enrichment program and support structure given to these scholars by Science of Life Studies 24/7 (SOLS 24/7), which will also be covered by the Hong Leong Foundation. ROAR stands for ‘Reach Out and Rise’, which is what we hope our first batch of scholars will do when given a safe, positive living space and an intensive enrichment program.

ROAR is a new programme offered only in 2014. We will keep you updated should we decide to open this programme again in future. We are offering only 40 awards this year.

You do not have to secure a place in a university or college if you are applying for ROAR. Placement will be done for you at MQA-accredited, pre-selected colleges near 1Petaling Commerz & Residences, KL.

Courses/Fields of Study Offered
Accounting and Finance, Business and Marketing, Software Engineering, Logistics Management, and Graphic Design

Academic Requirements
Minimum 3As in 2013 SPM and UEC Examination

Who can Apply?
It is open to Malaysian citizens aged between 17 - 20 years, who have sat for the SPM/STPM/UEC examination in 2013 and from low income families and challenging backgrounds.
We are looking for students with requisite character and passion to pursue an academic pathway, starting with diploma and continuing to Bachelors' Degree if requirements for continuation are met.

The scholarship is only for full time courses conducted in Malaysia only.

Those with physical disability and impairment (with OKU status) are especially encouraged to apply and we shall give special consideration to your application.

Selection Criteria
We are looking for academically-inclined students (not vocationally-inclined students) from very disadvantaged backgrounds.

Scholarship Amount
ROAR scholars who have successfully applied will receive:
  • a full course fees scholarship for a diploma program leading to a degree program (subject to the scholar fulfilling entry pre-requisites)
  • full room and boarding at our Scholar Development Implementation partner, SOLS 24/7’s, campus in 1Petaling Commerz & Residences, Kuala Lumpur.
We are to provide funding for up to 40 ROAR Scholars under the ROAR Education Development Programme over the course of 4 years subject to a maximum of RM24,000 per student per year which covers the following component(s):
  1. Cost of full tuition fees of the Course of Study (to be agreed upon separately between HLF and the Partner Universities);
  2. Cost of Enrichment Programme
  3. Cost of room and board
Hong Leong Foundation scholarship is NOT a loan so you don’t have to pay anything back.

Our scholarship is non-bonding, which means that there is no obligation to serve the Group after your graduate. However, you are welcome to explore employment opportunities with the Group upon graduation.

How to Apply?
You have to apply online

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified (usually through email and telephone) for an interview. If you do not hear from the Foundation after mid of June 2014, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the interview date. Please make sure that the phone number you provide and your email address is correct!

The interview for short-listed candidates will be held at various places covering the north, central, southern, and eastern region. Details of the interview will be informed later.

Contact Us
The Hong Leong Foundation Secretariat at [email protected]