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Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards

Closing Date
20 May 2015, 06:00pm GMT+08:00

About Maxis Scholarship for Excellence Awards (MSEA)
In 2014, Maxis took an exercise to refresh its scholarship programme by opening up the Maxis Scholarship to all Malaysians, with a more active involvement in nurturing exceptional young Malaysians and developing them to become active role models and leaders of their field. In addition to financial support, an integral feature of the scholarship programme is a wide range of training and development and extracurricular activities that will be provided for the scholars to help prepare them for a successful and accelerated path to leadership. To date, Maxis has committed more than RM51.9 million in scholarships to 254 recipients. The Maxis Scholarship demonstrates Maxis commitment in cultivating Malaysia’s talent pool by equipping them with world class education opportunities.

Who can apply?
To be eligible to apply, the applicants must:
  •     Be a Malaysian citizen
  •     Not be bonded to any organization
  •     Obtained an offer from a foreign university
  •     Have completed or are in the final stage of foundation courses at the time of applying for this scholarship
  •     Exhibit a strong record of academic achievements
  •     Exemplify leadership and demonstrate a passion for computer science and technology
How to apply?
Apply online at Maxis website. Apply now.