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Yayasan ABM Scholarship by Yayasan AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia

Yayasan ABM Scholarship AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia
Closing Date
30 April 2016

Yayasan ABM Scholarships
Yayasan ABM was set up by Yayasan AFS Antarabudaya Malaysia to assist students in need of some funds to offset part of the programme fees.  In the past, a sum of between RM3,000 – RM6,000 has been awarded to successful candidates applying to go for a Year Programme to non-native English speaking countries e.g. Latin American countries, Europe, Asia, etc.

Who can apply?
Form 5 students applying for the Year Programme to non-native English speaking countries.

What are the criteria?
Applicants have to be from a very modest-salary bracket family and in genuine need of a subsidy. Proof of income has to be produced upon request. Candidates need to obtain strong grades and engage actively in school co-curriculum. Priority will be given to first-time applicants in the family as compared to those whose siblings have enjoyed assistance from the organization before.

How do I apply?
Application form is available here: Apply for AFS Program. Please note application closes April 30, 2016