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Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia ‘’Higher Learning Grants’’

Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia Higher Learning Grants
Closing Date
Application is opened throughout the year

Background of the Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation
Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization founded in 1966 by Dharma Master Cheng Yen in Hualien , Taiwan. For more than 40 years, the Foundation has been active in four Missions namely , Charity, Medicine, Education and Culture. The missions subsequently exended to include Bone Marrow Donation, International Relief, Environmental Protection and Community Volunteerism to its operation. Collectively, they are known as ‘One Step, Eight Footprints ’.

Tzu Chi operations are funded by donations from the public and from its volunteers. The disbursementof donations is always transparent and properly supervised; and that has earned the confidence and support of the public. Volunteers form the backbone for organizing and implementing the Foundation’s activities.

Tzu Chi came to Malaysia in 1989 through Ye Ci Jing, a Commissioner of Tzu Chi Taiwan, who came to work in Penang. She carried with her the ‘’ Buddha’s Heart and Master’s Mission’’ and started to spread the philosophy of Tzu Chi in local Buddhist temples. Subsequently, Tzu Chi Malaysia Liaison Office was officially set up in Penang on the 24th day of the sixth month (Lunar Calendar) in 1993 by Guo Ji Hang with Master Cheng Yen’s blessing.

Tzu Chi embrace the global village with great love through :
  • Charity Mission
  • Medical Mission
  • Educational Mission
  • Cultural Mission
  • Bone Marrow Donation
  • International Relief
  • Environmental Protection
  • Community Volunteerism
Education is an instrument that purifies the mind and soul and to steer our society towards the betterment of mankind. It can also help impoverished families to weed out poverty and ignorance. Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation aims at aiding the underprivileged and rendering care to poor families by providing them with educational assistance, particularly students who are hardworking, but lacking in funds to continue their studies in colleges or institutes.

Requirements for Applicants
Students from Government or private institutions (IPTA & IPTS) in the Klang Valley (for certification to degree courses).

  • Inability to fund students due to occurrence of unexpected incidents in the family or the funding by the school have ceased because the student’s result are not satisfactory due to family problems.
  • Applicant for the second time should submit the results for the previous semester.
Methods to Apply Documents to be attached
  • Photo copy of applicant’s identity card and a duplicate of student card.
  • Report cards/ result for the past two semesters.
  • Applicants applying funds to settle previously owed school fees are required to produce relevent documents as proofs.
  • If parents or guardians are ill or warded due to accidents, medical certificates should be produced.
Through interviews, telephone calls or home visits.

Educational fund
  • Educational fund varies according to requirements.
  • Educational fund are in the form of one lump –sum payment or long term payments.
  • Educational fund need not be repaid, but the applicants are required to contribute as volunteers in Tzu Chi Recycling Centres. If the applicants wish to repay the funding, they may contribute the money as donations to Tzu Chi Foundation.