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Agrobank Scholarship Award Program 2015

Agrobank Scholarship Award Program 2015
Closing Date
17 April 2015

Agrobank Scholarship Award Program 2015
Agrobank Scholarship Award Programme 2015 is set up to offer eligible Malaysian students the opportunity to take up the challenge and grow with Agrobank.

Eligibility of Agrobank Scholarship Award Programme 2015
  •     Malaysian citizen below 23 years old
  •     Must be a full-time degree student at an accredited local IPTA/IPTS
  •     Degree programme with a minimum of 4 semesters or 2 years at point of intake i.e. September 2015
  •     Minimum CGPA of 3.30
  •     Minimum Band 3 of Malaysian University English Test (MUET)
  •     Active participation in extra curricular activities will be an advantage
  •     Excellent personality traits
  •     Must not be a recipient of other scholarships, financial aids or awards tht requires a service bond (PTPTN Loan students may apply)
  •     In excellent health
Field of Study
  •     Engineering (preferably Mechanical/Electrical/Chemical)
  •     Finance & Accounting
  •     Business Administration
  •     Management
  •     Computer Science
  •     Human Resources
  •     Law
  •     Mass Communication
  •     Economics
Scholarship Value
The scholarship package is summarised as below
  •     Subsistence allowance of RM 3,500 per semester
  •     Accommodation allowance of RM 2,000 per semester
  •     Books allowance of RM 500 per semester
  •     Practical training allowance of RM 700 per month at Agrobank
  •     A laptop once you become an Agrobank scholar
How To Apply Agrobank Scholarship Award Programme 2015?
Please download and complete the 2015 Agrobank Scholarship application form (pdf) and supported with relevant documents.  Please indicate AGROBANK SAP 2015 at the top right corner of envelope and send form and documents to:
Level 12, Leboh Pasar,
P.O. Box 10815,
50726 Kuala Lumpur.