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Penang Future Foundation Scholarship

Penang Future Foundation Scholarship
Closing Date
30 April 2015

Penang Future Foundation Scholarship
Program Level: Full time undergraduate degree
Higher Education Institute: Public & Private Universities (IPTA & IPTS) in Malaysia

Sponsored Discipline/ Courses
MQA accredited courses in Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM) and Accountancy

Tenure of Scholarship
Minimum period required for completion of course (graduate on time)

Eligibility Criteria
  1.     Min. CGPA 3.0 in STPM/ Foundation / Matriculation / Diploma & equivalent; Or, currently pursuing undergraduate course in Malaysia IPT  with min. CGPA 3.0 maintained for 1 preceding academic year 
  2.     Malaysian 25 years or younger
  3.     Household income not more than RM15,000 per month       
  4.      (equiv. to RM180,000 annualised)
  5.      (Parents 2 year tax return)
  1.     Penangite or studied in Penang 
  2.     Academic achievements
  3.     Good cognitive skills , ie. leadership, communication, teamwork
  4.     Recipient of state/national/internationa level prize/award; both academic and non-academic  
Scholarship Award 
1.  Subsistence allowance
    - RM1,000 per month
    - Pay out quarterly

2.  Tuition fee (entire course)
    - Actual fee not exceeding RM100,000
    - Direct payment to IHL or by reimbursement

3.  Award only takes effect upon execution of scholarship agreement and does not cover retrospective fee/subsistence allowance incurred by scholar  

Service Bond
1.  To work in Penang in any organization of own choice

2.  Bond period based on value of Tuition Fee sponsored (subsistence allowance not included); one year of service for every RM20,000.   Minimum is one year service bond

Service Bond: Tuition Fee Sponsored
1 year : Less or equal to RM20,000
2 years: RM20,001 – RM40,000
3 years: RM40,001 – RM60,000
4 years: RM60,001 – RM80,000
5 years: RM80,001 – RM100,000

3.  Bond is served by period of actual employment in Penang

Application Method
  •     On-line application opens once a year. Refer to annoucenment at home page.
  •     Submit application and supporting documents via on-line only
Selection Process
  •     Meet minimum eligibility criteria – system auto filtering
  •     Shortlist by merit point system :
  •         Priority criteria
  •         Allocation for each discipline
  •     Essay evaluation (English)
  •     Selection interview
  •         Manual verification of documents submitted 
  •         Panel interview 
  •     Final decision by Selection Committee
Academic Performance Standard & Monitoring
  •     Maintain CGPA 3.0 & above at all times
  •     Timely submission of exam result slip at end of each semester
  •     Reminder of possible revocation will be served for any semester of CGPA below 3.0
Revocation of Award
  •     Failed to achieve min. CGPA 3.0 for two consecutive semesters ; or
  •     Placed under academic probation by university or obtained CGPA less than 2.0 at any time during duration of study; or
  •     Involved in illegal/unlawful activities and or vices considered detrimental to PFF’s or state government ‘s interest (refer Agreement for details); or
  •     Expelled from university on any ground; or 
  •     On conviction of involvement in drugs abuse and/or activities related to drugs, including trafficking and consumption of drugs 
If scholarship is revoked, the scholar and/or guarantors has to pay back all monies received from PFF Scholarship Fund within 30 days of letter of demand.
(Note: Guarantors to be copied all correspondences sent to scholar)

Extension of Scholarship Tenure
1.    Scholarship will not be granted for extension period save for -
    a.    Suspension of studies of not more than 6 months by virtue of Scholar’s failing health, supported by:
            - Certified medical report by GH or accredited medical institution, and
            - Supporting letter by a member of the faculty’s academic staff
    b.    Case to case base on humanitarian grounds to be determined at PFF’s sole discretion, which may include:
            - Death of immediate family member, eg.  father / mother / sibling;
            - Force majeure including civil unrest, natural disasters which interrupt/affect studies of Scholar
2.    Any approval of extension will not exceed a maximum period of one (1) year from the date of approval, unless otherwise determined and confirmed in writing by PFF

Scholarship for Post-Graduate Degree
Not applicable