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Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarships

Closing Date
30 March 2012

Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman Scholarships
Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman scholarship is named after Almarhum Y.T.M. Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj who was the Father of Independence (Bapa Kemerdekaan) or Father of Malaysia (Bapa Malaysia) and also the first prime minister of Malaysia.

This prestigious and exclusive scholarship is offered to bright students who have strong leadership quality to continue their studies at the bachelor's degree level at higher education institutions in Malaysia. The receivers of this scholarships are called Tunku Scholars.

Application Requirements

  1. Minimum requirements
    1. Malaysian nationality
    2. Not older than 25 years old on the application closing date
  2. Academic and co-curriculum requirements
    1. STPM / Foundation / Matriculation* result holders with minimum CGPA 3.75
    2. Applications are also open to undergraduates currently pursuing bachelor's degree fulltime at local higher education institutions if CGPA above 3.75 and still have 2 years left to complete the programme
    3. Kepujian in SPM Bahasa Malaysia and Bahasa Inggeris
    4. Possess strong leadership quality and active involvement in co-curriculum activities (especially at the inter-school or university level)
      *Award of scholarship is based on applicant's acceptance to local higher education institutions.
  3. Additional requirements
    1. Receivers of Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman scholarships are required to work for the country for minimum 5 years after completion of sponsored education.
Scholarship Amount
  1. Full tuition fees as charged by university
  2. Cost of living RM1,000 per month
  3. Book voucher RM500 per semester
  4. Other relevant allowances such as thesis, internship allowances, hardware equipment allowance (once a year)
  5. Two-way flight tickets once a year for student from East Malaysia studying in West Malaysia or students from West Malaysia studying in East Malaysia
How to Apply
Get the BIASISWA TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN (BTAR) application form online at YAYASAN TUNKU ABDUL RAHMAN foundation website

Applications for undergraduates currently pursuing bachelor's degree must be submitted through TIMBALAN NAIB CANSELOR (HAL EHWAL PELAJAR).

*Only shortlisted candidates will be called for interview. Applications are considered fail if candidates are not contacted after 3 months.