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Crowe Horwath Project CHange Scholarship

Crowe Horwath Project CHange Scholarship
30 March 2012

General FAQs
1. What is Project CHange?
In a nutshell, Project CHange connects companies with promising young Malaysians to help them further their education and improve their future.

2. How many people will be awarded the Project CHange scholarship?
This will be in accordance with the management's discretion.

3. What is the value of Project CHange scholarship?
In the monetary terms, tuition fees of up to RM10,000 per annum will be covered. On a more personal level, sponsors will be able to make a positive impact on the lives of talented young Malaysians, and contribute towards building the nation.

4. How does Project CHange differ from other scholarship programmes out there?
Project CHange believes in equal education for deserving young Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, without tying them to the companies that choose to sponsor them.

Eligibility/ Terms & Conditions
1. Who is eligible for the Project CHange scholarship? An applicant must meet all of the following criteria:
• A Malaysian citizen
• Aged 22 and below
• Fulfill the necessary academic requirements
• Intend to pursue undergraduate courses at higher learning institutes approved by the Ministry of Education. The course must be relating to a diploma, or bachelor degree
• The applicant must have secured an unconditional offer from a local university prior to applying to Project CHange.
• The course should not exceed four years
• The applicant has no steady income
• The applicant is in full time study
• The monthly income of the parents or guardian of the applicant is RM5,000 or less (combined)- subject to confirmation by relevant authorities
• Be active in extracurricular activities

2. What are the academic requirements?
• SPM: minimum 6As
• STPM: minimum of 2As

3. If the required result is a minimum of 6As, and I have 5As, can I still apply?
You can still apply and success will depend on other achievements possibly in the extracurricular area. The decision is entirely at the discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

4. What are the areas of study covered by this scholarship?
There is no restriction on the field of study.

5. How does Project CHange decide on the deserving applicants?
A successful applicant must meet all of the standard requirements for the scholarship but also differentiate himself/herself from the rest of the applicants.

6. Would Project CHange cover other expenses besides college/tuition fees?
No. Project CHange only covers college/tuition fees up to an amount of RM10,000 per year of study. Project CHange will directly pay your scholarship proceeds to the college you are attending as credit towards your tuition fees.

7. What if my course fee is below RM10,000 per year of study?
In that case, Project Change will sponsor up to the amount of the course fees.

8. Will I be bonded?
No. It's a no-strings-attached agreement.

9. Can I apply if I am currently receiving loans from another body or organization such as PTPTN?
Applicants must disclose in the online application form if they are or will be receiving any scholarships, loans, funds or any forms of monetary assistance from individuals or organisations. Only those who are receiving loans (not scholarships) are eligible.

10. Does Project CHange place selected applicants into institutions, or do I have to do it on my own?
Applicants are expected to obtain admission on their own and must have secured a place with an approved institution before applying for Project Change.

11. Am I allowed to switch areas of study while on Project CHange?
Applicants are encouraged to carefully select their major in respect of the undergraduate course. Should there be a need to switch their major, we will consider these requests on a case by case basis.

12. Is there a minimum grade average that I need to maintain as a Project CHange scholar?
As Project CHange scholars, you are required to maintain a CGPA of 3.0 or equivalent to Second Class Upper grades each year.

13. What if I fail to maintain the grade in any year of studies during my sponsorship?
You will no longer be eligible for the Project CHange scholarship programme for the subsequent years of study.

14. Can I pursue a double major degree under the Project CHange Scholarship programme?
Yes, as long as the total time spent on the programme does not exceed four years, and you meet all other criteria. Funding will be subject to the scholarship limit.

            1. How can I apply for the Project CHange scholarship programme?
            Click here to download the PDF form; you will then have to fill in all the required details, and attach the appropriate documents. You can submit your applications via:
            • Email : OR
            • Drop it at this address: – please also attach a soft copy of all your documents
            Level 16, Tower C, Megan Avenue II,
            Wilayah Persekutuan 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng,
            50450 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

            2. When can I start applying and when will I know if I have been successfully shortlisted?
            The online application period for the Project CHange Scholarship programme begins on 8 February 2012. Applications must be received by 5:45 PM on 30 March 2012 at the latest.

        Shortlisted applicants will be notified within 1 month after the closing date.

        3. Can you offer me any advice on the letter of recommendation?
        Students are required to submit two letters of recommendation from people who are qualified to provide insight into their potential for success and leadership. Do not ask a friend or family member. A letter of recommendation is similar to a professional reference; choose someone who can articulate your strengths and praise your accomplishments; e.g: a former teacher.
4. I missed the application deadline. Can I still submit my scholarship application?
        Any applications received after the Closing Date will not be entertained.
5. Can I be disqualified during the course of the scholarship sponsorship?
        Yes. You will be expected to maintain good grades and exemplary behaviour and be committed to your studies. Should you be found to be guilty of serious misconduct or inappropriate behaviour unbecoming of a scholar, you may be disqualified from the scholarship the following year at the entire discretion of the Scholarship Selection Committee.

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