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8TV Scholarship Fund

8TV Scholarship Fund
Up to RM 1,000,000 worth of scholarships are now available under the 8TV Scholarship Fund for qualified students

This fund enables qualified Malaysian students from all walks of life to pursue tertiary education at foundation, diploma or degree at SEGi Colleges nationwide. Candidates have the option to choose from a wide of disciplines from business to accountancy, engineering to information technology, video & animation to music, and early childhood education.

April 10, 2008

* Posses good results in SPM/ STPM/ A-Level/ UEC or other equivalent qualifications.
* Be active in sports and extra-curricular activities.
* Student not currently registered at SEGi College.

* Scholarship recipients shall maintain high academic results of CGPA 3.2 every semester to be entitled to scholarship for the next semester.
* Scholarship recipients shall contribute to activities or promotion by SEGi College and/ or 8TV.
* Scholarship recipients must also contribute to SEGi College’s activities, including participation in promotional activities, for up to 5 hours per week during their period of study at the College.

* Scholarships offered cover tuition fees and internal examination fees at undergraduate degree, diploma level or foundation level only.
* Scholarships only cover the course of studies at SEGi College and shall not include the foreign portion of the studies and external moderation or examination fees.
* If the scholarship recipient does not meet the required academic requirement, he/she will undertake to pay either the re-sit/re-take fees as deemed necessary by the respective faculty.
* If the scholarship offer is based on the forecast result, SEGi College reserves the right to revise the offer if the actual result falls below the forecast result.
* Scholarship offered under the fund is not exchangeable, nor is the unutilized portion of the scholarship refundable in cash terms.
* All information furnished by the scholarship recipient must be true and correct in all respects. In the event of any inaccurate or incorrect information furnished, the scholarship is liable to be withdrawn without notice and in such event the scholarship recipient shall be required to pay SEGi College the amount of tuition fee waived, to date.
* The offer of a scholarship is valid for a period of one (1) year from the date of offer of the said scholarship. If the offer is not exercised after one (1) year, it shall lapse automatically.
* The grant of scholarship shall be valid for a period of five (5) years from the date of commencement of the programme. If the recipient of the scholarship does not graduate after five (5) years from the date of commencement, the scholarship shall automatically lapse.
* SEGi College reserves the right to amend the policies and term of the scholarship without notice.
* SEGi College reserves the right to revoke the said scholarship if the recipient does not maintain discipline, attendance and good behaviour and/or participates in criminal or tortuous acts of omissions.
* Unless otherwise approved, each student is only entitled to one (1) scholarship/ bursary/ financial assistance scheme/ promotional benefits offered by SEGi College and its group at any one time. In the event that the student qualifies for more than one (1) award, he/ she must choose which one he/ she wishes to apply and accept.
* All scholarship recipients must abide by the Rules and Regulations of SEGi College.

* Validity period for application: 10th March 2008 to 10th April 2008.
* Obtain a copy of the 8TV Scholarship Fund Application Form from SEGi College or download the application form.
* Print clearly or write legibly. False particulars or wilful suppression of material facts will render you liable to disqualification.
* All required documents must be submitted with application. Closing date as advertised. Applications received after the closing date will be disqualified. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.
* Submit the application form to:
8TV Scholarship Fund
c/o SEGi International Bhd
5th Floor, SEGi College
No.9, Jalan Teknologi,
Taman Sains Selangor,
Kota Damansara, PJU 5,
47810 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor D.E.

Tel: 03-61452790 (DL) Fax: 03-61452666
Email: [email protected]

* Invitation letter will be sent to short listed candidates to an interview and counseling session.
* Short listed candidates must produce original copies of the examination results and all other relevant documents during the interview.
* All decisions made by the selection committee are final and appeals will not be entertained.