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Putrajaya Perdana Berhad Scholarship Awards

Closing Date 18 May 2012 PUTRAJAYA PERDANA BERHAD SCHOLARSHIP AWARDS 2012 PUTRAJAYA PERDANA BERHAD ("PPB"), an investment holding company through its wholly-owned subsidiaries, PUTRA PERDANA CONSTRUCTION Sdn Bhd and PUTRA PERDANA DEVELOPMENT Sdn Bhd, has over the years designed, developed and built several billion Ringgit worth of prestigious commercial, residential and infra structural projects in the country, especially in sustainable development. The education of our younger generation has been an issue very close to the heart ofPPB. With our annual PPB Scholarship Programme, we wish to provide educational opportunities to the youth of the nation and to build a better future for the deserving and needy Malaysian students who would otherwise be denied of higher education due to financial constraints. PUTRAJAYA PERDANA BERHAD SCHOLARSHIPS Offers up to RM5,000/RM9,000 per academic year for Diploma/Degree programme respectively; Opens to financially needy and acad

Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship

Closing Date 30 April 2012 The Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship is awarded to qualified Malaysian students for pursuing full-time Undergraduate Studies (first degree course and to be completed in Malaysia only) and Diploma Courses tenable at recognised public and private universities and colleges in Malaysia. Those pursuing Foundation, Pre-U, Matriculation, Overseas Transfer Programme or other similar university preparatory course (except Diploma) will not be considered. Please do not apply. Eligibility Aged 17 to 25 years old Display outstanding leadership qualities matched by notable in participation extra-curricular activities like societies and clubs, sport, volunteerism, etc. Should not be currently or expecting to be receiving any form of financial aid (including scholarship and loan) or is bonded by any educational institution or organistation Has obtained or awaiting an offer from any of the recognised educational institutions Requirements Proficient in th

PIDM Undergraduate Scholarship Programme

Closing Date 29 April 2012 Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) is a statutory body that actively promotes and contributes to public confidence in the stability of the Malaysian financial system. It also protects depositors against the loss of their deposits as well as takaful and insurance benefits in the unlikely event of a member institution failure. PHILOSOPHY The PIDM Undergraduate Scholarship Programme is intended to reach out to “deserving Malaysians” who are in need of financial aid to pursue their education locally. WHAT DOES THE SCHOLARSHIP OFFER? Up to RM10,000 a year in course fees or the actual cost, whichever is lower; Up to RM2,000 in allowances for learning aids including books, computer, stationeries, and other material per semester or up to RM4,000 per year; Up to a maximum of RM6,000 allowance per year or RM500 per month; Induction Programme An induction programme will be provided to all recipients of PIDM’s Scholarship Award. This is to ensure

Tawaran Biasiswa Mesir (Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan)

Tarikh Tutup 30 April 2012 TAWARAN BIASISWA MAJLIS AGAMA ISLAM WILAYAH PERSEKUTUAN BAGI MENGIKUTI PENGAJIAN DI INSTITUSI PENGAJIAN TINGGI LUAR NEGARA (MESIR) PENGAMBILAN BARU SESI 2012/2013 Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada calon-calon yang mendapat keputusan peperiksaan Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) tahun 2011, Sijil Tinggi Pelajaran Malaysia (STAM) tahun 2011 dan Diploma Tahfiz Al-Quran Wal-Qiraat tahun 2011 untuk memohon biasiswa tajaan Baitulmal Majlis Agama Islam Wilayah Persekutuan (MAIWP) bagi melanjutkan pengajian Ijazah Sarjana Muda Luar Negara Tahun Pertama sesi 2012/2013 Universiti-Universiti di Mesir. Penempatan pusat pengajian HANYA melalui Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi Malaysia (KPT) sahaja yang layak dipertimbangkan untuk memohon Biasiswa Baitulmal MAIWP. Program dan institusi yang ditaja adalah seperti berikut: Ijazah Sarjana Muda Pengajian Islam (Universiti-Universiti Al-Azhar & Maahad Qiraat Al-Azhar) Ijazah Sarjana Muda Perubatan / Pergigian / Farma

Bantuan Dermasiswa Pelajaran Pusat Pengajian Tinggi/Pondok

Closing Date 31 May 2012 Bantuan Dermasiswa Pelajaran Pusat Pengajian Tinggi/Pondok Majlis Ugama Islam Dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang prepares study aids for higher education to residents of Pahang state who are currently pursuing studies at higher education institutions approved by the government. Requirements Applicants must be Malaysian nationality and Islam in religion. Applicants must be born or stay in Pahang Darul Makmur state. Applicants are currently studying in a Diploma or Bachelor's Degree programme fulltime. Passed the latest annual/semester examinations. How to Apply Online application only. Follow the application guide . Contact / Enquiry Unit Zakat & Baitulmal (Pendidikan) Majlis Ugama Islam Dan Adat Resam Melayu Pahang 26600 Pekan, Pahang Darul Makmur. Tel : 6+09 4221311 Fax : 6+09 4221885   e-mail: [email protected] Link:

Permohonan Program Khas (Jerman, Perancis, Jepun Dan Korea)

Closing Date 22 April 2012 Biasiswa / Tajaan JPA Untuk Program Khas (Jerman, Perancis, Jepun Dan Korea) Tahun 2012 Applications are invited from SPM 2011 candidates to apply for JPA scholarship to pursue studies under the “Program Khas (Jerman, Perancis, Jepun dan Korea) for year 2012. All applications are to be made online at from 16 April 2012 The eligibility criteria for Biasiswa JPA Untuk Program Khas (Jerman, Perancis, Jepun Dan Korea) tahun 2012 can be read here. Important Dates 2 May 2012: Check status of your application from 8 – 13 May 2012: Interview and Student Assessment Center (SAC) JPA will be held in various location. Any question of this scholarship can be ask at 03-88853541, 03-88853453 and 03-88853552 from 8 am – 5 pm. Link:

Education Ministry Bursaries, Overseas Degree Programme Scholarships (PILN) & National Scholarship Programme

Education Ministry Bursaries ( dermasiswa ) for local pre-unversity courses will be offered automatically to all students with SPM 9A+ and above. Recipients of Education Ministry Bursaries will be offered local or overseas scholarships if they meet the required criteria. For the Overseas Degree Programme Scholarships (Biasiswa Program Ijazah Luar Negara, PILN) , students must have a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.5 or its equivalent in their pre-university studies. Students who wish to pursue medicine, dentistry and pharmacy (overseas) must have unconditional offers of admission from any of the top 10 universities in the world, based on the list (provided by the ministry). For other fields of study, students must have unconditional offers of admission from any of the top 50 universities in the world (as determined by the ministry) The bursaries will cover costs for either the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM), matriculation studies, the International

YAYASAN PROTON Scholarship Award Program

Application Dateline 30 April 2012 Yayasan PROTON was established in 1994 under the Memorandum of Association (MOA) - Companies Act 1965 with the main objective was to prepare for a long-term manpower development program for talent supply to meet PROTON's future requirement. Yayasan receives and administers funds for education, scientific and charitable purposes including fostering, developing and improving education of all kinds approved under the Educational laws of Malaysia and in consistent with the National Education Policy and Education Act, 1961. Yayasan Proton Scholarship Award is offered under Yayasan Proton. It is one of the best scholarship schemes targeted for high achieving students, deserving students from low-income family as well as children of PROTON employees. The award is designed for students to pursue relevant and recognised degree programs from public and selected private universities in Malaysia. This program has been a success story thus far in deve