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Elena Cooke Education Fund 2015

Closing Date 31 March 2015 Elena Cooke Education Fund The Fund, set up in honour of the late Miss Elena Cooke, the longest serving headmistress of the Bukit Bintang Girls’ School (BBGS), aims to help underprivileged young people, whether they live with their families or were raised in children’s homes and orphanages, in their pursuit of quality education after SPM in local colleges or universities. Minimum Criteria Applicants must have at least 3As in SPM and must meet other requirements as stated in the application form. Household income must be below RM50,000 per annum. Kindly note that only those who meet the minimum criteria are eligible to apply. Further, meeting the minimum criteria does not automatically lead to a grant of a scholarship. College/University & Course Applicants must already have a confirmed offer from a local college/university for any certification/diploma/degree course pursued in Malaysia. Amount At the sole and absolute disc

Taylor's University Leadership and Innovation Programme (TULIP)

Closing Date 24 August 2014 Download brochure of Taylor's University Leadership and Innovation Programme (TULIP) for more details. Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) high-achievers are invited to send in their application for Taylor's University Leadership and Innovation Programme (TULIP) . Taylor’s University Vice Chancellor and President, YBhg Professor Dato’ Dr Hassan Said said that the move stemmed from the university’s commitment to provide opportunities to highly qualified students to have access to quality education at tertiary level. “We are offering a total of RM 5.8 million worth of scholarships to qualified STPM top scorers to provide them an opportunity to graduate with a degree of their choice including pharmacy, computer science, business, biosciences and engineering,” he said. “The programme that we are offering is unique as it does not only offer financial aid to deserving students but it also exposes them to a specially tailored leadership an

36 Scholarships for IPTA Undergraduate Students

This is a list of popular scholarships available for Malaysian undergraduate students to further study at Malaysia's public universities (IPTA). Please check these websites often for the openings of these scholarships. Usually during SPM/STPM results announcement month, these scholarships will be open for application. Also, most of these scholarships are open to those who have already started their undergraduate studies at local public universities. In other words, you can still apply if your are first year or second year undergraduate students at Malaysia's public universities. Please subscribe by entering your email to the form above if you want to receive email when these scholarships are open for application. Feel free to leave your comment on this post if you are aware of any popular or prestigious scholarship for local undergraduates but is not listed here. 1. JPA ( 2. Biasiswa Tunku Abdul Rahman ( 3. Albukhari schola

Bantuan Pelajaran Tunku Abdul Rahman (BPTAR) Education Assistance

Closing Date 30 September 2014 (Application opens from 1 September 2014) Bantuan Pelajaran Tunku Abdul Rahman (BPTAR) Education Assistance BPTAR is devoted to a poor family background of students to meet the cost of living for two (2) semesters of full-time while pursuing a degree in Institutions of Higher Learning (IPTA). Application Requirements     (I) Malaysian     (II) A student enrolled full-time in any Bachelor Degree in public     (III) poor family background.     (IV) the Borrower National Higher Education Fund Corporation are also eligible. Rates and Payment Assistance     The amount of aid and the number of recipients will be determined by the Board of Trustees YTAR and channeled through the office of Student Affairs public. Family Income Verification     Information regarding the applicant's family income must be verified by were donated (or equivalent) or the Head of Department (Employer parent / guardian) who really get to know your family. Applica