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Shirin Pandju Merali University Scholarship Program for Malaysian Girls

Shirin Pandju Merali University Scholarship Program
Closing Date
30 September 2011

Guidelines for applying for partial funding under the Shirin Pandju Merali University Scholarship Program for Malaysian Girls
Asia Foundation Malaysia is accepting applications for the Shirin Pandju Merali University Scholarship Program for Malaysian Girls. Applicants must have formal acceptance from any local public university to pursue a degree in the following fields of study; Science and Technology; Agricultural Science; Dentistry; Engineering; Biochemistry; Biotechnology; Physics; Chemistry; Pharmacy, Information Technology, Computer Science; Accounting; Commerce; Business Administration; Finance; Business Information Technology.

This program is established by Pandju Merali in honour of his wife Shirin Merali with the objective of providing an opportunity to qualified female students who, despite their academic competence, are unable to continue their education due to financial constraints.

List of stipulated disciplines
Science and Technology
Agricultural Science
Information Technology
Computer Science
Business Administration
Business Information Technology

Selection Criteria
The Shirin Pandju Merali Scholarship will be awarded to low-income women who have been admitted into one of the public universities. The candidates will have demonstrated academic achievement and a commitment to learning. Selection will be based on the following:
  • All candidates must be entering their first year of university in the stipulated discipline*;
  • All candidates must have secured admission to one of public universities; and
  • All candidates will be able to demonstrate financial need illustratively, salary statements of parents will be requested; family income should be less than RM1500 per month.

Each girl will be ranked and the most qualified and needy girls will be offered the program. The Shirin Pandju Merali University Scholarship Program is a partial scholarship program. The scholarships will cover all tuition and admission fees as well as required books and educational materials. This scholarship does not cover travel, boarding, research expenses, medical, living expenses and/or other expenses incurred during the period of study. Depending on the duration of the course, this scholarship allows a full study term of up to four years. No extension of the study period will be granted. Students are required to pass all the required course/exams in each term/semester. Failing to pass one course/exam will result in the termination of the program.

Selection of candidates is final.

Applicants will have to submit the completed form two weeks after the letter of offer is received by the candidate from the University to the following address:
Partners of Community Organisation (PACOS)
First Floor, Lot 5,
Block M, Donggongon Town,
89507 Penampang,
Sabah, Malaysia
Tel.No: 6088712518
For those applying from Semenanjung Malaysia can apply to:
Vasantha Charles
The Asia Foundation
Suite 13.05, Level 13
The Gardens, South Tower
Mid Valley City
Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur