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Hong Leong Foundation Local Undergraduate Scholarship Application

Hong Leong Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship Application

When is the opening and closing date for the scholarship application?

The scholarship application will be from 1st April 2017 - 1st June 2017. All applications must be received by this time to be considered.

Hong Leong Bank Undergraduate Scholarship Application

The undergraduate scholarship intends to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families, the Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities – giving a chance for students to have the higher education necessary to come into their own and be the next generation of leaders and captains of industries.

To ensure success in this current social and economic environment where a degree does not often equate with employment or an ability to be entrepreneurs, we have also set up the following for our scholarship programmes:
  • Enrichment Programmes that provide additional life skills to our scholars. These programmes are aimed to instil motivation, confidence, self-belief and our Group Values to ensure that our Hong Leong Scholars are that much more competitive in the working world;
  • Structured Internship Programmes with Group companies. Internships are deemed critical by educational institutions and prospective employers in ensuring that students graduate into the workforce with sufficient knowledge and relevant experience; and
  • Scholars’ Club which aims to provide the scholars with continuous support throughout (and after) their studies. Various activities are being planned to ensure constant engagement with the scholars.

About the Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship Programme

This non-bonded scholarship has traditionally been the backbone of the Foundation to benefit Malaysian students from low-income families and it was primarily the reason the Foundation was set up. The Foundation believes that providing scholarships is about providing opportunities - giving a chance to students to have the higher education necessary to come into their own and be the next generation of leaders and captains of industry.

What are the courses/fields of study offered?

The scholarship is awarded for ANY course or field of study as long as it is a full-time Undergraduate Studies (1st degree course) or Diploma Course at recognised public and private universities and colleges in Malaysia. Those pursuing STPM, A-Levels, Matriculation, Foundation, Pre-U, and equivalent courses are not eligible.

What are the academic requirements for sponsorship?

SPM: Minimum 8As
UEC: Minimum 6As
STPM / Matriculation / A-Level / Foundation / Diploma / Degree: Minimum CGPA of 3.5

Who can apply?

It is open to Malaysian citizens aged between 17 - 25 years, who haveently doing their Diploma or Degree programme in any recognised local colleges and universities can also apply.

Do you offer sponsorship to study overseas?

No, the scholarship is only for full time courses conducted in Malaysia only.

Can I apply if I have physical disability and impairment (with OKU status)?

You’re especially encouraged to apply and we shall give special consideration to your application. sat for the SPM/STPM/UEC examination.
Those who've just completed their Matriculation, Pre-U, Foundation and Diploma courses, as well as those awaiting to pursue or currently studying degree at universities

How many times in a year does Hong Leong Foundation offer scholarships?

It is offered only once a year, i.e. after the announcement of STPM and SPM results.

What happens if I miss the deadline?

Late applications will not be considered.

But I haven’t got my offer letter from a university or college yet? How can I apply?

You may apply first and any offer of scholarship to you by Hong Leong Foundation prior to receiving your official offer letter from your university/college will be regarded as "provisional offer". You may send the official university/college offer letter to us prior to the interview, or bring along on the interview day itself. Application should be based on your first choice of course/field of study and institution applied to.

Can I change my programme or course midway during my studies?

Yes, you are allowed to change course but make sure to notify Hong Leong Foundation in writing with supported documents.

How often do you pay out the scholarship amount and to whom?

The agreed-upon scholarship payment will be banked into the student’s Hong Leong Bank account (for public institution students) or paid directly to the institution (for private institution students) once a year. Our scholars are required to submit their invoice and receipt to Hong Leong Foundation for administrative purpose.

Will I have to pay anything back after I graduate?

No, Hong Leong Foundation scholarship is NOT a loan so you don’t have to pay anything back.

Will I have to work for the Hong Leong Group after I graduate?

Our scholarship is non-bonding, which means that there is no obligation to serve the Group after your graduate. However, you are welcome to explore employment opportunities with the Group upon graduation.

How do I apply?

You have to apply online at

When will I know if my application is successful?

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified (usually through email and telephone) for an interview. If you do not hear from the Foundation after the end of July 2016, you may consider your application unsuccessful.

What is the next step after I submit the application form?

If you are shortlisted, you will be informed of the interview date. Please make sure that the phone number you provide and your email address is correct!

Where will the interview be held? How long will it take?

The interview for short-listed candidates will be held at Wisma Hong Leong, Kuala Lumpur. The interview session itself will last between 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, candidates will have to complete an essay on site. Please plan to arrive early for your interview session.

How many scholarships will be offered?

It may vary slightly each year depending on various factors, but it will be usually between 60 to 80 awards a year.

How much is the scholarship amount?

  • Undergraduate studies in Public Universities -- RM 8,500/= p.a.
  • Diploma/Advanced Diploma courses in Public Universities -- RM 6,000/= p.a.
  • Undergraduate studies at local private universities -- up to RM 24,000/= p.a.
  • ("3+0" degree programmes on full-time and on-campus basis)Medicine/Dentistry courses in local Private Universities – up to RM 32,000/= p.a

Do I have to apply for scholarships every year?

No. If selected, we will provide the scholarship for the entire duration of your course. The amount awarded will be paid out once a year for the entire duration of your course.

How do I check the status of my application?

As only shortlisted candidates will be notified, please consider your application unsuccessful if you do not hear from us after end of July 2016.

How are recipients selected?

Candidates will be evaluated based on their academic performance, financial needs, family background and circumstances, merits, leadership qualities and etc.

Must I submit ORIGINAL documents?

You will be asked to submit supporting documents only when you are selected to the interview stage. Your documents should be photocopied from the original and certified-true-copy by relevant parties like your school, university, etc. Please note that forgery and provision of false information is strictly prohibited and will result in immediate rejection.

Can I take a PTPTN loan and apply for HLF scholarship at the same time?

In the event that your application is successful, you will have to give up all other forms of financial aid. Under special circumstances, you may submit a written request for other forms of funding, including for the PTPTN loan.

What other benefits come with the scholarship?

Apart from financial assistance, the Hong Leong Foundation Scholarship Programme also offers opportunities for industrial training at relevant group subsidiary companies. Throughout the tenure of the scholarship, the Foundation will also organise various enrichment programmes such as leadership or motivational camps, talks, seminars, factory tours, career development day, etc. for the benefit of scholars.

Can I continue for further studies after I get my first degree? 

Whatever you do after graduation is up to you, and we would certainly encourage you to further your education.

Who can I contact for additional information or special inquiries?

The Hong Leong Foundation Secretariat at [email protected]